Gallery I

Portfolio of recent and/or available pieces





“The Fisher King”

Osprey carved from cedar, painted in oil, mounted on American Black Walnut, framed in Black Walnut

November 2022; available

“The Fisher King”, 2022, additional detail


Flying Pheasant, cedar/oil, mounted on American Black Walnut, rimmed in 24k Gold Leaf

September 2022; Sold

Flying Pheasant, detail


Flying Pheasant, head detail


Wood Duck, Oil/ Hollow Cedar

August 2022; Sold

Canvasback, Oil/Hollow Cedar

December 2022; Sold




Antique-Style Loon, Oil; Hollow Cedar

August 2022; Sold

Loon 2022, detail of top/back


Swan, Oil / Hollow Cedar

August 2022; available for purchase


Green-Winged Drake and Hen Pair, 2006, Oil / Hollow Cedar

2006, selling from my Personal Rig; available for purchase


Antique-style Brant Decoy

Hollow old-growth Pacific Redwood, painted in oil; rigged (see below); mortised head, inlet bill with dovetail (Sold)


Antique-style Old Squaw; 2022; Oil/Hollow Cedar Sold


Antique-style Decoys – Brant, Ruddy, Loon, Ruddy, Old Squaw, Sold


Antique-style Ruddy Duck, Oil/Cedar

Completed in 2010 (personal collection); commissions available for similar


Group of Antique-Style Ruddy Ducks, Oil/Cedar (various years; personal collection or sold)





Artwork and photography copyright 2022 and 2023 by Joshua S. Brewer, D.O.