Gallery II 

Portfolio of various pieces completed during the first 25 years of my artistic career

Note: The pieces shown in this Gallery are no longer available. Please contact me if you would like to commission a similar project.



Birds in Flight


Flying Green-winged Teal, oil/cedar, mounted on walnut 

Green-winged photos courtesy of Guyette & Deeter


Flying Kestrel and Luna Moth, ~2010, oil/cedar on walnut 


Luna Moth detail, ~2010, oil/cedar


Flying Woodcock, ~2010, oil/cedar on walnut 


Bob White Quail, ~2009, oil/cedar on walnut 


Flying Grouse, oil/cedar on walnut 


Flying Woodcock, oil/cedar on walnut


Decorative and Antique Decoys


Pair of Pintail Decoys, ~2010, oil/cedar 

Diver Rig, oil/cedar 


Antique-style Ruddy Ducks, oil/cedar


Bufflehead pair, oil/cedar


Hanging Game Scenes


Pair of Dove, oil/cedar on walnut

photo courtesy of Guyette & Deeter  


Pheasant Pair, Dead Mount (two sets), Oil/cedar on Walnut




Mourning Dove, oil/cedar


Barn Owl, oil/cedar on walnut

Barn Owl, detail (in progress)


Pied-Billed Grebe, oil/tupelo on walnut


Canada Goose Busts, oil/cedar


Standing Pintail, oil/cedar


Greater Yellowlegs Antique-Style, oil/cedar


Mourning Dove, Bronze


Writing desk, maple burl/black walnut/cocobolo 


Wooden Lapstrake Canoe and Carved Paddle