2023, Miniature Geese


Standing Pheasant Mini, 2022, scaled at a larger 1/3-size; northern white cedar/hard maple/American black walnut, painted in oils





Flying Pintail Mini, ~2007, Cedar/Oil with Walnut Base

Hissing Goose Mini, 2005, Cedar/Oil

Wigeon Mini, 2007, Oil/Cedar

Swan Mini, ~2008, Oil/Cedar

Standing Pintail Mini, 2005 

Standing Wood Duck Drake Mini, 2005

Black Duck Drake Mini, 2005

Standing Mallard Drake Mini, 2005

Standing Blue-Winged Teal Mini, 2005

Audubon-style Pintail Mini, ~2007

Puddle Duck Minis in the style of Elmer Crowell, 2005