Standing Game Birds and Dove

American Woodcock, 2023

Carved from Atlantic White Cedar, painted in oils


Mourning Dove in cedar/oil (above) and bronze (below), 2010






Whimbrel, 2023

Hand-carved from cedar, hollow, made with working sliding dovetail joint; painted in oils; available


Tern, 2023

Hand-carved from Atlantic cedar, hollow, wooden pegged joinery, painted in oils; available


Greater Yellowlegs, early 2000s




“Cachalot” Sperm Whales, 2023

Sperm Whales were hand-carved from Atlantic White Cedar, painted in oils, and teeth are hand-turned from antler; larger whales are 39-inches, and the smaller whales are 24-inches


Miscellaneous Projects


Writing desk, 2010, maple burl/black walnut/cocobolo 


Wooden Lapstrake Canoe and Carved Paddle, 2011