Wall Hangings

Large-scale artwork, including Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds in Flight, Birds of Prey, and Hanging Game Scenes

“The Fisher King”, November 2022

Osprey carved from cedar, painted in oil, mounted on American Black Walnut, framed in Black Walnut; available

“The Fisher King,” additional detail of back of head, view under wings, and feet (photo taken before mounting on backboard)


Flying Ruffed Grouse, 2023

Cedar/oil, mounted on Black Walnut, rimmed in 24k Gold Leaf; available

Mourning Dove, Hanging Game Scene, 2023

Dove carved from Atlantic White Cedar, painted in oils, mounted on figured Walnut


Flying Pheasant, 2022

cedar/oil, mounted on American Black Walnut, rimmed in 24k Gold Leaf 


Flying Green-winged Teal, oil/cedar, mounted on walnut 

Green-winged photos courtesy of Guyette & Deeter



Flying Kestrel and Luna Moth, ~2010, oil/cedar on walnut 


Luna Moth detail, ~2010, oil/cedar


Flying Woodcock, ~2010, oil/cedar on walnut 


Bob White Quail, ~2009, oil/cedar on walnut 


Flying Grouse, ~2015; oil/cedar on walnut 


Flying Woodcock, ~2007; oil/cedar on walnut


Pheasant Pair, Dead Mount (two sets), 2008-2010; Oil/cedar on Walnut


Pair of Dove, 2009; Oil/cedar on walnut

photo courtesy of Guyette & Deeter


Barn Owl, ~2009

Oil/cedar on walnut

Barn Owl, back detail (while in progress)